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A Modern Approach to Publishing




Not just another book publisher

Per Capita Publishing™, a division of Content Capital®, is dedicated to coming alongside forward-thinking authors to publish strategically-positioned books on a wide variety of subjects including business, self-help, lifestyle, pop-culture, and memoir. Our mission is to assist thought leaders, develop original projects, and publish intelligent, rigorously edited, carefully crafted, and handsomely designed books that build devoted audiences and establish the author as an expert in their field.

Beyond editorial direction and production, our team provides holistic support to our clients to help broaden their reach and further promote their message. We view our authors as a whole entity and want to provide the tools and services to best create new opportunities and innovative vision.

Award-winning cover designers

Formally-trained editors from "The Big Five"




With over 40 years of combined publishing experience, we are a team that uniquely

and intimately understands every element of the publishing industry. From creating and building cutting-edge hybrid models to production and fulfillment strategy and execution, our collective team is able to advise on every level of the publishing process.

We create, publish, and manage innovative books, e-books, and audiobooks, to the highest degree of quality for each and every one of our content creators.


Where most publishers fall short, we shine. From concept development and project management to outlining and ghostwriting, marketing to distribution, we come alongside our selected authors to ensure a holistic publishing experience that sets them and their products up for long-term success.


With over 50 exclusive ghosts in our back pocket, and access to hundreds more, we work to find the best right fit in personality, budget, and passion. 


The editorial process at Per Capita™ is robust and all-inclusive. From developmental to substantive editorial to copyedit and proofing, each author receives a custom publishing experience and each stage of the process brings you closer and closer to a manuscript that is cohesive, engaging, and refined.


Using award-winning and bestselling designers, the design process at Per Capita™ considers market trends, audience analysis, aesthetic, and purpose to determine the best path forward for book cover and interior layout.


We have select partnerships with printers who are able to produce some of the finest print materials and can print any size, shape, color, or texture of book that we dream up for the product. Once files are sent to print,  we convert your book into all relevant



We have the ability to provide full distribution to bookstores around the world.  (It is important to note that getting books into retail stores is only a strong strategic decision if you have a plan to get people then into these stores to purchase them. Otherwise, you will be faced with returns, that amount to a great loss of time and money.)​


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