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A Modern Approach
to Publishing

Per Capita Publishing combines the most powerful benefits of traditional publishing with all the perks of self-publishing—while eliminating the biggest downfalls of both. 

Our team of industry experts guides you through every step of the publishing process; from manuscript development to editorial services to design and production, we are right beside you to share industry insights and expert advice to assist you in creating a standout book. 

Why Per Capita Publishing?

  • A More Strategic Plan: Most publishers focus on production and editorial alone--we are strategic partners, ensuring that your goals align with the final product and plan.

  • World-Class Services: Our quality standards are some of the highest in the publishing industry. From editorial to design to production, you will receive exceptional services to create a book that will thrive in the marketplace.

  • Full Ownership: We help you craft a winning book, but you retain all the rights and can bring your creative vision to life with complete control throughout the publishing process.

  • Increased Opportunities: Being a published author with a quality book can help you book more speaking events, grow your platform, increase your business, find podcast opportunities, and expand your network.

  • Shorter Timeline: We can get a book on the market faster than a traditional publisher. It usually takes a minimum of two years to find an agent and get a book published by a major house. Per Capita releases books within timelines as short as four to six months.

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Recent Publications

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