We are a team that uniquely and intimately understands every element of the publishing industry. From negotiating and stewarding traditional publishing deals with every major New York publisher,  to creating and building cutting-edge hybrid models, to production and fulfillment strategy and execution, our collective team is able to advise on every level of the publishing process.

We create and manage content to the highest degree of quality for each and every one of our content creators.

Strategic Advising

The right move isn’t always a book. Audiences are consuming content in so many changing ways, and the best place for your message may not be the form you think. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Data Collection

We are the only publishing entity that can fulfill direct to consumer orders while still reporting to Bookscan and bestseller lists. This unique ability allows you to own the consumer data of who is purchasing your product, target them on follow up campaigns, and use the information for future sales, fundraising, or messaging.

we love Great


with a capital c.

A Holistic model 

providing thoughtful

content strategies

We are the first and only publishing company to look at every angle of the authors and brands to determine the best path forward for their content. By leaving no stone unturned, we provide a robust strategy for the clients we serve  to extend the reach of their messaging.

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Content Capital® takes a strategic approach to individuals' and companies' messaging. By providing robust creative, editorial, production, and management services based on varying needs and mediums, Content Capital® gives new opportunities to content creators.

Per Capita Publishing™ is our in-house publisher dedicated to empowering both new and established authors. We partner with authors on every aspect--from developing and publishing the big idea to book creation, promotion, and distribution. We have the capabilities to take your message from brainstorm to bestseller.

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Capital Literary™ is a holistic, media-minded Literary Agency that
focuses on the future of our authors. By develop a long-term strategies, we grow long-term value in content across multiple media platforms. Capital Literary traditionally represents a wide range of non-fiction and is always looking for original, diverse, fresh, and thought-provoking voices. 
GhostyPro™ is an online ghostwriter training program for new and established authors looking to sharpen their ghostwriting skills. Once all modules are completed, ghostwriters are given a test to be considered to join our growing team of writers. 
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Terra Firma is a full-service, on-demand audio production company that connects your brand’s big idea with the right people who care to listen, building a solid foundation for your message and purpose—no matter how big. Terra Firma makes, markets, and monetizes on-demand audio to connect top brands with the right audience—ultimately creating more loyal and engaged consumers.